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mba from sitm

Why MBA from SITM ?

Why MBA from SITM ?

If you have made up your mind to pursue a masters and are keen on doing an MBA, however, you are confused about how to choose a college, then this blog might be of help to you.

If you think that an MBA from SITM a technical course? Then Yes it is.
Is the course only made for engineering graduates and other stream candidates cannot cope? Absolutely no. We get students from all streams and most of them are performing very well in their careers.

How does a technical MBA like MBA (TM) from SITM make sense?

The industry and the general market has been heading towards rapid digitization and automation. Which means that the demand for techno-managers has been growing.
Techno -Managers are not just employed in tech functions like Business analysis, project management, and coordination. But also find a place in pre-sales, consulting, audits, sales, and marketing functions.
Programs offered at SITM cover a range of subjects. SITM offers dual specialization with finance being a part of all the three specializations. This combination of finance with technology and management learnings ensures that the students fit in well across various job profiles, verticals, and domains.

To sell and market Tech products you need a tech manager. Having a technology background or knowledge of technology is an absolute must for the sales and marketing team. One has to be knowledgeable enough to understand various technology options and their feasibility for a specific project. Deals at times are closed and signed on the table and one might not have the time to go back to the technology and delivery team to validate each request or requirement.
The industry has now started leveraging technology to even sell FMCG products. E-commerce and online portals have been the talk of the town. Marketing is no longer just a choice between print or TV or radio. Marketing is rapidly moving to digital marketing and understanding technology and how each channel interacts with each other becomes your tool for survival in the market.
The industry is looking for specialized generalist and the placement scene at SITM confirmed this trend.

How can SITM help shape up your future?


SITM offers MBA in telecom management degree with three dual specialization
Systems and Finance
Marketing and Finance
Analytics and Finance

The syllabus and subjects are updated every academic year keeping in mind the rapidly changing demand in the market.
Each specialization offers a mix of subjects covering technology, marketing, and finance. Coupled with industry leading and recognized certifications and an opportunity for an exchange program with a foreign university really enhances one’s career prospects.

The lush residential campus aids the learning process. The learning is not just limited to classroom teaching, students are encouraged to take part in various student committees, each responsible for various events, branding, IT support etc. These committees help the students work and learn as a team.


MBA from sitm

The evaluation round the year also demands that the students work as a team and are also evaluated as a group. This ensures that a student learns to work as a team member and also take leads on things when the situation demands. This unique teaching method ensures an all-round development of the student as a team player and management professional.

Placement Opportunities

SITM has an impeccable nearby 100% placement record since inception (1996). Companies from a very varied domain visit campus and offer jobs across a very diverse set of verticals.
Some of the sectors/profiles where our students have been placed are:

Market Research
Digital Marketing
Cyber Security
Analytics and Data Science
And many more.

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