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Success Stories – FARHAN AHMAD KHAN (Batch 2012)

I am writing this blog sitting in my hotel room in Santiago, Chile. The primary reason I am here is to help my client find some frauds happening in their business, of course, hidden from them till yet. It has been one month, I have been able to discover 5 cases of fraud so far.

Five and a half years ago, I couldn’t have imagined that I would be working on Linux, write SQL queries, automate jobs using shell scripts, write programs in ‘R’ and analyze and present data through visualization in Tableau.
I was a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) from a not-very-popular institute with 14 months of experience in a call center after graduation, before I was sitting in front of the interview panel at SITM defending myself on my decision to opt for ‘Systems’ instead of ‘Marketing’. For any non-engineer, ‘Marketing’ would be the natural choice but I chose ‘Systems’.I knew I was competing with engineers and things were not going to be easy.

It was not at all surprising that I was the only non-engineer in the ‘Systems’ batch and things were really tough for the first two months. I almost lost hope and started thinking if I made a wrong choice by opting for ‘Systems’. But thankfully, I had great professors and batch mates who helped me understand all the technical stuff of Telecommunications in the simplest manner.

Professors at SITM used to arrange separate bridge sessions for non-technical students where we were taught all the basics necessary to understand the advanced concepts. The quality of teaching comes from deep understanding of subject and I could see the professors at SITM constantly involved in research work. Regular guest lectures from industry leaders helped a lot in relating classroom learnings with the real-world scenario. Interaction with industry leaders and opportunity to listen to their views on the latest industry trends in the seminars and events was amazing.

My summer internship at one of the leading telecom operator of India gave me the corporate exposure I could only dream of. I not only worked on a live project but also had the opportunity to give present the results of the project to the CFO of the organization. I was then able to relate all the classroom teaching with real business scenarios.

The research project was another great learning experience. This was because I took the most difficult part of the research topic. I had to cover all the technical aspects of research we were doing and thanks to SITM faculty members, it all went well.And by the end of two years, I was configuring VLANs, sub-netting the networks and explaining prepaid charging and mobile number portability to my class mates.

Life has come a long way since I graduated from SITM. I have been working in Ericsson since I got placed here in 2012. Thanks to almighty God, all the hard work put in during 2 years at SITM has been paying off. What has made the most difference is the technical understanding of telecommunication. Initially, my team mates used to get surprised on my understanding and knowledge of telecom and each time I used to tell them ‘I am from SITM’. I started my career in the area of telecom Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management in Ericsson and now I am also working in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

I give all the credit of whatever I have achieved to my professors and batch mates at SITM. They made me believe in myself, and helped me understand all the things that were difficult for me. The two years at SITM completely changed my life by giving it a runway to takeoff. It was at SITM that I learned to learn technology. I now believe that anybody can learn anything. Life becomes interesting when you keep challenging yourself. Things become easier when you start to believe in yourself. Ultimately, fun is in doing things that seem difficult, there is no big deal in doing something that is easy, we should feel comfortable even out of our comfort zone.

-FARHAN AHMAD KHAN (Batch 2012 – Systems and Finance)
Lead Consultant
Revenue Assurance-Fraud Management, BI & Analytics

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