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Success Stories – FARHAN AHMAD KHAN (Batch 2012)

I am writing this blog sitting in my hotel room in Santiago, Chile. The primary reason I am here is to help my client find some frauds happening in their business, of course, hidden from them till yet. It has been one month, I have been able to discover 5 ...

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SITM (Non Engineering) students success stories

As a part of continuation to earlier blog, where I mentioned about SITM Alumni who are from non-engineering background however are very successful in shaping their career after passing out from SITM. The institute, which started in 1996, has just completed 20 years. I am really satisfied to see the ...

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Telecom Industry in Transition

In the past six months, Indian telecom industry has witnessed an intense price war that saw users getting used to 1GB daily data allowance a far cry from the monthly 1GB data allowance. Yes, the situation looks grim as far as short term financial health of the industry is concerned, ...

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