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Need and Gap Analysis of Converting a City into Smart City

India is developing at a very fast pace. Urbanization in the wake of enhanced employment opportunities has put a huge pressure on the cities due to large migration of people from rural to urban areas. 31% of the population of India lives in cities. Indian cities are not ready to ...

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SITM Success Stories – Giri Hallur (1999-2001 batch)

Dr. Giri Hallur (1999-2001 batch) Associate Professor SITM The kind of job satisfaction I receive by teaching students transcends the materialistic pleasures. I conduct classes for the corporates, take bridge classes for the non-science students, work closely with students for Prevision – SITM’s Annual Telecom Forecast that is brought out ...

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Role of Mobile Apps in Smart City

With the advent of new generation technologies and information driven “intelligent solutions”, Smart City Projects are underway in many parts of the globe. Country level guidelines and implementation approaches may differ but key components of smart city solutions are same. In particular, urban mobility solutions and smart infrastructure services such ...

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