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Demystifying Neuro-Marketing

Customers today are exposed to so many advertising stimuli that it has become a Herculean task to continuously notice them all. This has caused a considerable brainstorming in the direction of advertising effectiveness. And the outcome is a gasping concept called Neuro-marketing which has taken the world for a ride ...

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Latest TRAI Regulations

As we all are aware that the main function of TRAI is to regulate telecommunication services. Supporting the same we have some regulations that have come into picture due to the entrant of a new player in the market causing disruption and others to urge the telecom provider to provide ...

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SDN – The Revolution in Network Infrastructure

Software Defined Networking is a paradigm, aimed at creating a better architecture for networking. The concept emerged in 2008 and finally reached the executable stage in 2011. So, what is SDN? For understanding this, let us have a look at the traditional networks. In traditional networks, the network functionality is ...

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