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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – is it boon or threat?

This question is being debated for quite a while. Despite the advancements in AI, industry experts feel that there are both good and bad about what is emerging. Why do there are concerns about artificial intelligence today? After all AI is an emerging technology which takes huge amounts of information ...

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IoT – Back to The Future

Now a days the whole globe is revolving around the concept of IOT. Every industry wants to make the maximum use of this technology so that they can minimize the efforts involved. However, if experts are to be believed then the “maximum is yet to come”. Experts say” that what ...

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IoT Technologies – Sensors, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, RFID, NFC

The IoT is more than Internet-connected consumer devices. Sooner or later, your IT organization will need you to create an infrastructure to support it. Energy companies already use networked sensors to measure vibrations in turbines. They feed that data through the network to computing systems that analyze it to predict when machines ...

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