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Going Green and Smart with Blockchain

Certainly one of the hot topics of any business forum or technology summits in the recent time is Blockchain. Not to be undone with the enormous possibilities, some progressive governments all over world are also mulling how to use this technology for “greening” and “smartization”.  Yes, going green in the ...

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Machine Learning Based Approach for High Frequency Trading

With tremendous progress in technology, there have been different attempts to apply machine learning in various fields. Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that draws models and methods from statistics, algorithms, computational complexity, artificial intelligence, control theory, and a variety of other disciplines. Algorithmic approach is used to ...

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SITM Success Stories – Vikrant Gandhi (2000-02 batch)

Mr. Vikrant Gandhi (2000-02 batch) Industry Director (Telecom) Frost & Sullivan, USA I learned everything about networks & telecommunication at SITM. Thankful to the faculty and the program for starting our education from the basics, and gradually making us familiar with what advanced Telecom management is really about. This is not a ...

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