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War of Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – the flying bots called “The Drones”: How will they change our world!! What is it that they do, will change our world of tomorrow? Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or Flying bots or best known as Drones; These are aircraft without a human pilot aboard, UAVs ...

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SITM Success Stories – Vishal Jain (1999-2001 batch)

Mr. Vishal Jain (1999-2001 batch) Partner & Digital Risk Leader Deloitte India “I learnt a lot at SITM, the Telecom knowledge that we get at SITM is unparalleled and no other MBA professionals have such thorough understanding of Telecom and Technology like we do. I was pretty sure consulting companies ...

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ITIL Case Study for Telco – Service Desk

A leading communication provider wants to implement a contact/call center with an ITIL compliant service desk as major ITSM tool for its customers. The service provider also wants to implement multiple service desk tools and processes associated with it. It will enhance the operational efficiency of the operator. For this ...

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