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What after Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi, a term that can be treated as a basic necessity for humans today, dates back to 1990s. Wi-Fi has seen a range of improvements since its inception. The speeds have increased and the range has improved. The transmission technology has also seen some astonishing changes. The most recent standard ...

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Dark Fiber Technology and its Business Importance

Dark fiber means the unused fiber optic cables from a network service provider. Dark fiber refers to those fiber-optic cables that have already been put either in underground conduits or on aerial utility transmission facilities but that have not yet been “lit”. Being lit means that, the original owner is ...

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Bend it like Brands

In this digitally enamoured era the word stereotype in itself may sound like Passé. However some brands still seem to dwell in a zone of comfort. They are incorrigible and refuse to move beyond the clichés and stereotypes. In all fairness not all is fair in branding and communication. If ...

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