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Massive MIMO in 5G

The wireless research community has embarked on a journey to build the technology of tomorrow which will deliver remarkable enhancement in network throughput and capacity, improvements in spectral efficiency, shortened end-to-end latency, heightened reliability and more. These enhancements are driven by the key performance requirements which are defined by the ...

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LoRa Technology for IoT

Cities are growing and are using new smarter solutions for improving the quality of life of people. IoT is one such solution that is being used for smarter, more efficient data-driven operations. But the biggest challenge in IoT is M2M communication that needs communication over long ranges with low power ...

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Weaving security and privacy into the IoT fabric

In a world where everyone’s personal and financial information is available online, cyber security and privacy are very serious issues for consumers, corporations and governments alike. The rapid rise of wearables, smart meters, and connected homes and vehicles makes security and privacy more vital than ever. The cyber security is ...

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