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Vendor lock in and Internet of things

Interoperability challenges can arise when attempting to integrate devices made by different manufacturers. If the device and cloud service are from the same vendor and if proprietary data protocols are used between device and cloud service, then user may be tied to a specific cloud service, limiting or preventing the ...

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Cracking the Brand Called AB!!!

47, 016, 80 users on Facebook. 235, 508, 18 unique twitter users. No of Brand endorsements: 20 plus. Endorsement fees – Rs 2.5 crore to Rs 3 crore a day Estimated Brand value over Rs 700 crore. Year of establishment: Oct 11, 1942. Existence on planet Earth:74 years Brand Personality:   ...

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Use of encryption: Privacy Vs National Security

Citizens’ privacy and national security are at odds since the foundation. If any illusions remain concerning however way the govt can move to collect info in the name of national security, it ought to be noted clearly that just every online communication is subject to discovery. There are secret and ...

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