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Demystifying DevOps – The Management Way

Demystifying DevOps

DevOps. Is it a tool? Is it a role? Managers often seem to be perplexed about which is it. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is an ideology, a methodology aimed at creating a new perspective altogether, a new way of working where development and operations teams are not siloed, rather they come together to deliver the best of both teams. It is the value stream between the business and the customer. With multi-industry (telecom, IT, healthcare, financial services etc) adoption of DevOps on the rise, it is evident that organizations are breaking the shackles of their maturity models and forging paths for new performance benchmarks.

Cloud and Agile at the helm

With the industry shifting steadily towards “Cloud” and “Agile”, there was a need to develop a feedback-oriented system that would cover all the facets of software development life cycle (right from development to deployment), a need for a “Lean” approach. Adopting DevOps is not only about making the processes agile but also bringing about a cultural change. It is a holistic approach to waste management and reduction of unplanned work. Dr. Frances Hesselbein has rightly quoted “Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day.” With Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment being the key drivers of DevOps, it is clear that the earliest embracers of change will be the leaders in the race to digital transformation.

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We know DevOps at SITM

SITM, with the single aim of creating future-ready techno managers, has left no stones unturned in imparting the students with necessary skillset, making sure that the students are industry ready. The DevOps session conducted this month, an initiative directed towards this very goal, was yet another feather in the cap for the institute. We, the students at SITM, are privileged to have been subjected to an enlightening session on DevOps. We are grateful to our instructor, Mr. Amol Gaikwad, Agile Transformation Lead at Syngenta who took out precious time from his busy schedule and shared his invaluable experiences and insights on the subject.

Through the use of interactive presentations, videos and case studies (covering some of the most critical concepts like virtualization, containerization, automation, configuration & Knowledge Management) we transitioned from the typical predictive project life cycle ideology to the adaptive project model. It was clear that the focus is on all business value streams enabled by IT. We were subjected to some of the widely used DevOps tools which was an added bonus. The session helped us understand how embracing DevOps would help the organizations respond to the changing business needs without compromising the operation’s stability.


The key takeaway from the session was, a manager is expected to be change ready – ALWAYS, anticipating the paradigm shift in processes and culture across industries. The key to acceleration is scaling up a high-performance technology organization. DevOps brings forth the values of cross-team collaborations. It is a constant learning process, with each experience adding value to the organization. As a manager, we will be the ones responsible for transformation not only of product development by the pilot team but also the processes, workflows and team dynamics.

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Written By- Rajarshi Bhowmick

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