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Webinar: Data – An Organizational Asset

Data – An Organizational Asset At SIDTM, learning never stops. While the batch of 2019-2021 is busy with their Summer internships and working remotely due to the ongoing lockdown, the student committees have been active and arranging interactions with various industry leaders to help the batch pick up the correct ...

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Webinar: Redefining Consumer Perception: Evolving Behavior Patterns

Webinar: Redefining Consumer Perception: Evolving Behavior Patterns At SIDTM, faculty cares about students and works on to give the best that they can manage and learn through. Be it a domain-specific or in general. They always try to bring an expert with experience. On 17th May 2020, Mr. Bedraj Tripathy, ...

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Demystifying DevOps – The Management Way

Demystifying DevOps DevOps. Is it a tool? Is it a role? Managers often seem to be perplexed about which is it. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is an ideology, a methodology aimed at creating a new perspective altogether, a new way of working where development and operations teams are ...

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Why is Enterprise Architecture Is In So much Demand

Enterprise Architecture

  What is Enterprise Architecture and why is it in demand?   Enterprise Architecture as a practice is not new however the changing business landscape, pressing timelines, growing scale of business and digital transformation push has brought about a huge demand for Enterprise Architects. The digital transformation has been able ...

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