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SITM Faculty Wins Prestigious ‘The Emerald Literati Award (2019)’

Dr Sujata Joshi, Professor, Faculty of Management, has won the prestigious ‘The Emerald Literati Award (2019)’ in the “Highly commended papers” category. The article titled “A conceptual process model for identifying online customer engagement patterns on Facebook brand pages” published in Information Technology & People, Vol. 31 Issue: 2, pp.595-614, https://doi.org/10.1108/ITP-02-2017-0035 is a ...

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Dr.Saikat Gochhait Shares His International Research Experience

SITM Faculty Shares His Experience of International Research Presently doing my research on cross trait relationship between India and Taiwan at National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan under MOFA Taiwan Fellowship 2019. Sharing my research experience doing abroad – here’s why   Doing Research in New Areas It is indeed a great experience doing collaborative research ...

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Why is Enterprise Architecture Is In So much Demand

Enterprise Architecture

  What is Enterprise Architecture and why is it in demand?   Enterprise Architecture as a practice is not new however the changing business landscape, pressing timelines, growing scale of business and digital transformation push has brought about a huge demand for Enterprise Architects. The digital transformation has been able ...

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Industry-Academics Partnership

Much is discussed several times on Industry Academia alliance. Quite naturally so, with academia and industry getting increasingly into concerted efforts for bringing out best from within the individuals – initially in their role as pupil and subsequently as professionals. Well, academicians – especially from management discipline – put their ...

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Telecom Industry in Transition

In the past six months, Indian telecom industry has witnessed an intense price war that saw users getting used to 1GB daily data allowance a far cry from the monthly 1GB data allowance. Yes, the situation looks grim as far as short term financial health of the industry is concerned, ...

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Just beat it – Presenting the Festival Flavour

The festival of Lights is on!!! Let me begin this post by wishing all my lovely readers a very happy Diwali. It is that time of the year again when homes are all decked up sparkling with colours and sheen, the markets too are all dazzling with discounts both online ...

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Vendor lock in and Internet of things

Interoperability challenges can arise when attempting to integrate devices made by different manufacturers. If the device and cloud service are from the same vendor and if proprietary data protocols are used between device and cloud service, then user may be tied to a specific cloud service, limiting or preventing the ...

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Cracking the Brand Called AB!!!

47, 016, 80 users on Facebook. 235, 508, 18 unique twitter users. No of Brand endorsements: 20 plus. Endorsement fees – Rs 2.5 crore to Rs 3 crore a day Estimated Brand value over Rs 700 crore. Year of establishment: Oct 11, 1942. Existence on planet Earth:74 years Brand Personality:   ...

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