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Green Wireless Telecommunication: Shift Towards 5G Network

Green Wireless Telecommunication: Shift Towards 5G Network Author:  Harikrishnan P A, Rittu Madanamohan   Abstract: With the rapid growth and evolution of information and communication technology, energy consumption is also growing at a very fast rate. It has also been reported mobile operators are among the top energy consumers. The energy ...

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Botnets in Digital Marketing Author: Rageshree Modi, Omkar Jabade   Abstract: The word Botnet is derived from two words ‘robot’ and ‘network’. These are used by the cybercriminals who generate distinctive viruses that breach the security of several users by taking control of all infected machines into a network of ‘bots’. ...

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Why is Enterprise Architecture Is In So much Demand

Enterprise Architecture

  What is Enterprise Architecture and why is it in demand?   Enterprise Architecture as a practice is not new however the changing business landscape, pressing timelines, growing scale of business and digital transformation push has brought about a huge demand for Enterprise Architects. The digital transformation has been able ...

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Specializations At SITM and How To Make A Choice

How to choose specialization at sitm

A Guide To Choosing Specialization at SITM Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management was recently voted as the 27th Best Private B-School in India by The Week Hansa survey. SITM was able to achieve this great ranking due to its robust curriculum which is updated and aligned to the industry demands ...

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Why MBA from SITM ?

mba from sitm

Why MBA from SITM ? If you have made up your mind to pursue a masters and are keen on doing an MBA, however, you are confused about how to choose a college, then this blog might be of help to you. If you think that an MBA from SITM ...

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Winter Study Tour-TEM

The Winter Study Tour at Telecom Ecole De Management-Paris was perhaps one of the best experiences for me and the remaining 13 of us. The tour was the first international trip for most of us and we couldn’t have asked for a better international study tour. The entire program was ...

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