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Five reasons you need an MBA after engineering

Today, an MBA has become the peak of education. Without an MBA, you often run a risk of slowing your career down. It is a 360-degree course which graduates from various streams such as science, engineering, technology and humanities can pursue. Over the last decade, the number of engineers choosing ...

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How SITM Helps You Carve a Successful Career Path After Graduation

After four long years of graduation, one question that lingers in several minds is- what next? Should I pursue a postgraduate degree or should I start looking for jobs? If such questions are bothering you too, remember, you aren’t alone. After graduating, individuals are often confused about how to move ...

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Aarambh ’19 – The Festival of SITM

The astounding activities which were organized for us in the beginning by Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management and the students of our senior batch during and following the induction period made us comfortable with the beautiful environment here at the Lavale campus in no time. It was a very new ...

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Demystifying DevOps – The Management Way

Demystifying DevOps DevOps. Is it a tool? Is it a role? Managers often seem to be perplexed about which is it. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is an ideology, a methodology aimed at creating a new perspective altogether, a new way of working where development and operations teams are ...

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SITM Faculty Wins Prestigious ‘The Emerald Literati Award (2019)’

Dr Sujata Joshi, Professor, Faculty of Management, has won the prestigious ‘The Emerald Literati Award (2019)’ in the “Highly commended papers” category. The article titled “A conceptual process model for identifying online customer engagement patterns on Facebook brand pages” published in Information Technology & People, Vol. 31 Issue: 2, pp.595-614, https://doi.org/10.1108/ITP-02-2017-0035 is a ...

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Welcoming Batch Of 19-21 With An Ice Breaker

Batch Of 19-21 At SITM Was Welcomed In Style Do you still remember the time when you were a little kid and you just started with your school? Remember how you used to be so excited to go to school and then suddenly felt so homesick as soon as you ...

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A Little Heat Will Melt The Ice

  A Little heat will melt the ice!  MBA is all about networking! The thing that I heard the most when I entered the symbiosis institute of telecom management. I was a little worried whether I will be able to network with all the 153 students of my batch, once ...

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Why Did I Choose SITM Post 3 Years In An IT Company

MBA From SITM After 3 Years in IT You know when your life is going perfectly well and then suddenly one day you decide to “switch”. Yes, the very daunting word around which all careers revolve and these conversations are probably the best gossips you ever get in corporate life. ...

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