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A Little Heat Will Melt The Ice

  A Little heat will melt the ice! 

MBA is all about networking! The thing that I heard the most when I entered the symbiosis institute of telecom management. I was a little worried whether I will be able to network with all the 153 students of my batch, once I did that, I realized that the next people that I had to network was with my seniors. I had my doubts regarding the curriculum of the college, how things work at SITM but I could never communicate with the seniors, which defeated the purpose of networking. Every day I used to wonder how will I network with my senior batch? Whether I should go up to them and introduce myself? I was in a dilemma every time when I thought about networking.

Then one fine day the sports cell of our college came and addressed the batch that an Ice-breaking event will be conducted. It was a sigh of relief as that acted as the heat that actually melted the ice and removed the hesitation of juniors to have a conversation with seniors. Ice-breaking sessions are conducted with so as to welcome and warm up the conversation between the participants.

We had to compete with the seniors in different types of sports such as badminton, chess, table tennis, and counter strike. It was the perfect opportunity given to all the 153 students to showcase their talent. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the college, presentations, projects, committee work etc. the ice-breaking event acted as a breath of fresh air as it eliminated the monotony of everyday schedule and acted as a bridge between seniors and the juniors and it was the perfect stress-buster as well!

D Day and We Did Have Fun

When the most anticipated day finally came, I was very nervous because I did not know how to play any sport professionally but still, I went so that I don’t lose the opportunity. I was amused to see the number of students from both the batches. Once the event kicked off, I realized that there was no gap between the seniors and the juniors’ batch because everyone was cheering. The anticipation was immense that everyone was on the edge of their seats and the enthusiasm could be sensed easily. The cheering could be heard outside the recreation centre. The enthusiasm could be sensed easily! Even though I lost the match seniors got to know me and appreciated I never give up attitude. Similarly, all the days went by and with time and everyone got more comfortable with seniors. The anticipation was immense that everyone was on the edge of their seats and the enthusiasm could be sensed easily.

The fact that even after losing from seniors then also the response of turnout every day was great and the energy level even after the hectic schedule was amusing. Irrespective of the busy schedule every one turned up for the event with utmost enthusiasm. The energy and the hype defined the magnitude of the event. The event ended up as a complete entertainment for both the batches. Mutual appreciation and respect between the two batches of SITM could be fairly concluded that the moto of ice breaker was successfully achieved.


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