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Is Feature Phone The New Affordable Smartphone

Feature phones still serve about half the country’s billion-plus mobile users but are typically used by low paying customers. According to Cyber Media Research (CMR), 61.8 million mobiles were shipped in the second quarter of 2017,of which 54% were Feature phones, witnessing 9% sequential growth. Although smart phones with their ...

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Just beat it – Presenting the Festival Flavour

The festival of Lights is on!!! Let me begin this post by wishing all my lovely readers a very happy Diwali. It is that time of the year again when homes are all decked up sparkling with colours and sheen, the markets too are all dazzling with discounts both online ...

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Real Time Fraud Detection through Streaming Analytics

Fraud detection is as simple as finding an outlier in the data given to you. For example, determining a purchase done with a credit card is out of the natural habits of the user who owns it or not. Real-time fraud detection is finding the real-time by using various fraud ...

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